Advisory Services

Managing investments

A lot may be riding on your investments: retirement, children’s or grandchildren’s education, your financial legacy. Your investment plan should get the attention it deserves.

Some investors enjoy managing their own plan. They feel confident in their ability to research and monitor their investments’ performance. And they can quickly respond to both the economic and market developments that are both anticipated and unexpected.

Another option is to work with a professional advisor by participating in an advisory program like the one at Wolf, Metzger & Maurillo of Clarity Wealth.

Participating in an advisory program

You can save time and have a professional manage your investments when you use the services of an advisory program.

Advisory programs generally fall into two categories. One gives another party the power to make decisions for your account’s day-to-day management. This means you can allow a portfolio manager — in some cases, your Financial Advisor — to decide when to buy, sell, and hold investments without consulting you.

Your portfolio manager will make decisions based on a variety of factors:
  •  Your long-term objectives
  • The time you have to reach your objectives
  • Your risk tolerance

In the other program, you collaborate with your Financial Advisor. We will provide you with objective advice and guidance based on your needs, goals, and today’s investment environment, to help you make your own buy, sell, and hold decisions.

Fee replaces commissions

So how can an advisory account differ from a traditional brokerage account? One difference is how you pay for the services you receive. In an advisory account program, you generally pay a fee. This is often charged on a quarterly basis based on a percentage of your account’s value. In a traditional brokerage account, you would pay a commission for each transaction.

Flexible range of alternatives

You can choose which advisory services program you implement. At Wolf, Metzger & Maurillo of Clarity Wealth, we offer an array of programs. You can decide what products you would like to have managed, such as mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), stocks, bonds, and commodity-based investments.

We can discuss the programs with you and see what fits your situation – and what makes you feel more confident in helping you reach your goals.

Next steps

  • Decide that you need some extra help with making your investment decisions.
  • Connect with us to talk about your options.

Advisory programs are not appropriate for all clients.